Rukhma of the Fantastic Fours

Despite the warm summer breeze that drifted in from the coast , an eerie silence lingered  and i felt all alone . Suddenly i saw big large footprints . I was shocked , what could it be? Is it a dragon, a big foot an dinosaur? What could it be? I was getting confused.Was this here yesterday? I raked my mind to remember , but surely something this vast would be something i ll never forget .I can tell you something I wont be here when it comes back.

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Year 4 TA and Sporting King
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  1. Mrs Slack says:

    Wow Rukhma, I loved this writing. You chose fantastic adjectives, commas in a list and questions to build up suspense. Well done.
    Next time, check you have included an apostrophe if you have shortened words – won’t.

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